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 I wish I could say I was born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could, at 3 years old.  I grew up in the Dallas area, moved to Waco to attend Baylor University, met my husband here, and never left!   We now have 4 young children who keep us on our toes and then some!  

I found my passion for photography after our second child was born.  I wanted professional photos of them ALL. THE. TIME. and my budget just couldn't handle it.  My brother was kind enough to gift me with my first DSLR camera, and once I learned how to use it, I realized I had finally found the career in which my God-given talents and passions collided.  It's a blessing I am thrilled to be able to share with my clients.  

Hi, I'm Julie!

Your WACO, TX FAMILY & SENIOR Photographer

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"Julie was awesome! She was very sweet and engaging and made us feel so comfortable! We hadn’t taken family pics in about 8 years and I’m happy I chose her to capture our moments all these years later!"



"Julie is an artist with a camera. Her photographs are beautiful works of art that will be treasured forever!"



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