5 Exciting Things To Do in Waco with Kids and The Entire Family!

little girls sitting in a red wagon eating watermelon Things To Do in Waco with Kids

Looking for something fun to do with kids in Waco that’s out of the house and not glued to a screen? As a mom, I’m with you, and I’m here to welcome you to the club of “what to do.” As we know, those “I’m bored” moments don’t only visit during the summer. It’s a year-round battle we have to fight. Unfortunately, finding something fun and engaging that can offer them an opportunity to learn can seem like trying to find a unicorn. Magical and unlikely. Or maybe those unicorns hide in plain sight, and we simply forget the magic they offer to childhoods of all ages. If you’re on the hunt for these sometimes forgotten gems to build those childhood memories, then you don’t want to miss this round-up of things to do in Waco with kids. 

5 Incredible Things To Do in Waco with Kids

Waco Mammoth National Monument

Leave the world of technology behind and get out into nature to explore hiking pads filled with history and wildlife at Waco Mammoth National Monument. Full of opportunities to explore and learn something new, this national park has something fascinating at every step. The park revolves around the site where, in 1978, two explorers stumbled across a large bone sticking out of the earth. Twenty years later, 22 Columbian Mammoths, a saber tooth tiger, and many other species have been unearthed from the dig site because of that couple. 

Nowadays, the National Park System completely sheltered and preserved the dig site. They did this into to serve as an interactive museum. Aside from exploring the Dig Shelter, the park also features many hiking paths. These trails wind through plants, trees, and a river that was all there when the Mammoths ruled the area. 

Because there wasn’t enough for kids to do in this Waco National Monument, they can also join the Junior Ranger! Here, Waco kids can enjoy many park tasks and join in on digs! 

Hawaiian Falls

If you need something with more “WooHoo,” then this impressive 10 acres of aquatic adventures and fun new rides. Fun in the sun is an understatement for the most desired Waco water park, Hawaiian Falls. From multi-level water play spaces, lazy rivers, and wave pools to exciting slides for our more adrenaline-loving kids, their 10 attractions have something for everyone to enjoy. Check out their website to plan your trip and stay up to date on each season’s prices and attraction updates. 

mom and dad playing with a blanket as kids run under it in a park Things To Do in Waco with Kids

Cameron Park Zoo

Ditch the digital animals and have a 3-D in-person adventure with amazing animals at the Cameron Park Zoo! Amazing creatures from land and water and air to observe, a playground to get out those extra wiggles and stretch their legs, and the Zootique that is equipped with a gift shop, cafe, and more that will leave every moment full of smiles and excitement. 

You can also buy tickets and even become a member online. 

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame

Take time to dig deep into those historical roots and learn all about the wild west icons, the Texas Rangers. Your family can learn about historical moments, traditions, and artifacts. In addition, they will hear stories of amazing individuals who helped make Waco what it is today. You can plan your visit for this Waco kid staple online.

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Magnolia Silos

Okay, let’s be honest. This one’s mainly for us moms. We need something too, ya know! If you have little ones who like to enjoy the stroller rides or baby wrap or an older child who loves browsing perfectly curated shops, this place is a must! While the Market carries most of the kitchen and home decor, Magnolia Silos comprises 6 themed silo shops. Each shop provides a more intimate feeling to your shopping experience. 

From plant lovers to book enthusiasts and decorators, you can get a sneak peek of their shops on their website.

Things To Do in Waco with Kids

Whether you have a budding explorer, a water-loving baby, or a little historian in your midst, this round-up of things to do with kids in Waco is one to keep handy. Spur-of-the-moment boredom killers or stellar gifts, these locations get everyone out and enjoying life.

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