Comprehensive Guide to the Top 5 Waco Private Schools

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There are plenty of reasons to send your child to a private school. Private schools can offer a different approach to elementary, middle, and high school education, whether it’s the smaller class sizes, faith-based curriculum, or unique teaching styles. Here in Waco, plenty of private schools offer a different vibe, focusing on personalized learning and student growth with a commitment to education that goes far beyond textbooks. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few of the top Waco private schools to consider for your family!

Get the Best Out of Your Child’s Education With Waco Private Schools

Vanguard College Preparatory School

2517 Mt Carmel, Waco, TX 76710

Vanguard College Preparatory School is a non-parochial independent school based on the core values of rigor, responsibility, and respect. With a motto of “Small school – big education” is embodied in their comprehensive academic programming, currently offering schooling for kids in grades 6 – 12. 

Their challenging and well-rounded curriculum encourages students to become empowered, educated, and inspired on their journey to adulthood, taking pride and growing confident in their particular talents. This Waco private school is also home to award-winning arts and robotics programs, average class sizes of 13 students, and over 16 AP courses. 

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Live Oak Classical School

400 S. 4th Street, Waco, TX 76706

Live Oak Classical School serves as a private institution deeply rooted in the Christian faith that draws on “the classical tools of learning to prepare students to reason clearly, communicate effectively, and act responsibly in the world – all for the glory of God.” 

The school is divided into two learning institutes and serves over 430 students. The Grammar School serves children in Junior Kindergarten (JK) through 6th grade. The Logic and Rhetoric School provides education for 7th through 12th grade. Their school works hard to foster a learning community that encourages children to know, love, and practice “that which is true, good, and beautiful.” 

Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School

2102 North 23rd Street, Waco, TX 76708

Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School offers pre-K through high school education in core and classical subjects. With a curriculum that combines great works of literature, the lives and teachings of the saints, and a “worldview firmly anchored in God’s providential action throughout history and His boundless love for humanity,” Bishop Louis offers students a comprehensive faith-based education. 

Their close-knit community is rooted in a student-centered approach. Moreover, this Waco private school emphasizes a secure and nurturing atmosphere that allows every student to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually. 

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Valor Prep 

4600 Sanger Ave, Waco, TX 76710

Valor Preparatory Academy of Waco is a PK – 12th grade classical Christian school with a charming, historic campus. Their students are nurtured, challenged, and encouraged to become their own Christ-followers rather than simply being told how to be Christians. 

They offer a classical education that emphasizes critical thinking and ethical character, structured around literature, philosophy, history, and Latin studies. They have arts programming and various extracurricular sports teams. Additionally, they have an engaged community of families and parents that keep the school a joyful learning place. 

Eagle Christian Academy

6125 Bosque Blvd, Waco, TX 76710

While Eagle Christian Academy balances a challenging, rigorous education with nurturing the next generation of Christian leaders. Their educators dedicate themselves to “fostering both steadfast faith and academic excellence through genuine, transformative relationships” where everyone feels valued and cherished. 

They’ve created a school environment that embraces the arts, athletics, and other extracurriculars. Hence, they allow students to flourish and find their passion, all in the light of God. 

You And Family Will Love These Waco Private Schools

Waco is a wonderful place to raise a family. With so many Waco private schools from which to choose, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your child’s education is in great hands. Set up some tours to see the campuses yourself and see if the vibes are right for your child! 

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