Indoor Playground Waco TX for Your Kids on a Hot Summer Day!

A young girl in a large pink ballgown and crown stands in a studio and twirls indoor playground waco tx

There are many fantastic places to explore in Waco, TX. Waco is full of exciting activities for the whole family, from indoor play spaces to trampoline parks to children’s museums. So check out an indoor playground in Waco, TX, for countless hours of family fun. 

The Top 3 Indoor Playgrounds in Waco, TX

Little Land

1201 Hewitt Dr

Suite 107

Waco, TX 76712

Families can return to the basics of fun at Little Land in Waco, Texas, where they can enjoy safe, clean, fun, engaging facilities designed with kids in mind. Parents can relax knowing their kids play in a setting tailored to their growth and development. Children can explore and experience everything in Little Land through plenty of unstructured play to foster fun memories for the whole family. At Little Land, pediatric therapists designed the equipment to be fun and developmentally appropriate!

Little Land features a variety of unique equipment. Everything in the gym is exciting and fun! There are many ways to experience the fun of Little Land. Drop-in play is available, or families can sign up for a monthly membership. 

A young girl in a princess dress holds a candle while light butterflies flutter around her indoor playground waco tx

Urban Air

1503 Rose Western Court

Houston, TX 77008

Urban Air is an exciting trampoline park that’s the ultimate adventure destination! With attractions that cater to all kids, there’s something fun for everyone. Little warriors can conquer obstacles, jump to great heights, and defy gravity while having fun seven days a week.

Buying a membership can provide considerable savings if you plan to visit Urban Air more than once. This exciting trampoline park is a place kids will want to return to over and over again. They can zip, fly, jump, and soar as much as they want for a low monthly price for unlimited play. 

A young girl in a golden princess gown and crown leans against a wall in a studio

Jeanes Discovery Center

One Bear Place 

Waco, TX 76798

Jeanes Discovery Center features themed discovery rooms that occupy two floors of one wing of the museum in Waco. This center provides families with hands-on activities designed to inspire young imaginations. Kids and families can experience exciting exhibits while learning about colors, music, and prehistoric creatures. Other exhibits include light and sound, bubbles, SpaceX, energy, simple machines, a design den, a tea room, and backyard ecology.

Central Texas stories and natural phenomena inspired the Backyard Ecology exhibit. It features hands-on experiences that encourage discovery and nature appreciation. This gallery tells the story of the local ecology, including boa constrictors, the Brazos River, and bees. There is also currently a Scooby-Doo! exhibit where families can solve a mystery through an immersive experience of analyzing clues and using problem-solving skills. 

Indoor Playground Waco TX

These three indoor playgrounds in Waco, TX are full of fun. Waco has many great places for kids of all ages to enjoy, from museums to indoor play spaces to trampoline parks. Whether you want to learn more about dinosaurs, defy gravity while bouncing on trampolines, or explore fun play equipment designed with childhood growth and development in mind, Waco has something for every visitor. 

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