Take Your Kids Out to Eat at Waco Restaurants With Playgrounds!

A mother and father sit together on a blanket in a park while their sons sword fight with sticks next to them

Waco is full of fantastic restaurants that cater to the whole family. Put away the devices, take a drive to one of these Waco restaurants with playgrounds, and enjoy a family meal in good company. From outdoor concerts and fried food to delectable burgers to delicious New York-style pizza, Waco offers something everyone will enjoy at locations with a strong family and community feel. 

Three Fun And Tasty Waco Restaurants With Playgrounds

Backyard Waco

511 South 8th Street

Waco, TX 76706

4 Texans from diverse backgrounds with a common love of music, food, and fun founded The Backyard Bar Stage & Grill in Waco. This partnership led to the creation of this downtown live music, multi-bar restaurant, and courtyard venue. Central Texas loves this destination and has welcomed Snoop Dogg, Steve Wariner, Eddie Money, Nelly, and other cherished performers to put on shows for sold-out crowds. This restaurant features amazing food, including signature burgers, catfish, and chicken. It feels like a hometown, hole-in-the-wall venue, but its 12,000 square-foot courtyard offers something for everyone, including Waco restaurant playgrounds for kids to play. Whether you’re looking for a night out, or a family outing, Backyard is worth checking out. 

A family of six walks through a field of wildflowers holding hands at sunset waco restaurants with playgrounds

Hat Creek Burger Company

103 Archway Drive

Woodway, TX 76712

Hat Creek Burger Company began in Austin in 2008 as a humble food truck and has since expanded all over the area. This restaurant features high-quality ingredients, including never-frozen beef and freshly baked buns, serving up simple, delicious burgers with a sense of community appreciation. Hat Creek Burger Company is a place to enjoy great food, great company, and tons of fun. This burger restaurant focuses on the family meal, not a fast-food feeling. They encourage visitors to put away devices and enjoy one another’s company while enjoying delicious food. There are even playgrounds for kids to roam around while parents enjoy a good meal in peace! 

A large family of seven stands around a park bench together waco restaurants with playgrounds

Slow Rise Slice House

7608 Woodway Drive

Waco, TX 76712

Slow Rise Slice House was built on the foundation that restaurants should provide a great product while offering great service. Nestled in the heart of many restaurant chains in the Waco area, Slow Rise Slice House stands out from the crowd. They provide delicious pizza, unique drinks, and quality service. This restaurant is owned by Waco locals who have multi-generational roots in the community. This restaurant features New York-style pizza that is made completely from scratch through a slow, laborious process of creating the perfect dough. The process allows the special dough recipe to have time to ferment and rise slowly, the heart of New York pizza. All recipes are unique to the restaurant and made from locally-sourced, fresh ingredients that combine to create some of the best slices in central Texas. The restaurant even has a spot for kids to play while families enjoy a delicious meal.

Waco Restaurants With Playgrounds

The Waco community is full of family-friendly destinations. These three restaurants in Waco have delicious food and plenty of space for kids to roam and play. All while the adults enjoy a fantastic meal. Choose one of these Waco restaurants with playgrounds for kids, and create lifelong family memories as the kids play and enjoy amazing food. 

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