Learn About Texas History With Your Family at Mayborn Museum!

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Life can get busy. Running errands, working, maintaining, and juggling life, our children becoming bored and maybe even a little cranky. If this sounds all too familiar, then it’s time to shake things up and make time for a family fun day! No, I’m not talking about a trip to your nearest playground that your child knows like the back of their hand. I’m talking about an adventure, a journey through history. I’m talking about a trip to the Mayborn Museum in Waco. This museum provides many opportunities to connect as a family, explore the past, have fun, and build lasting memories.

About Mayborn Museum 

While various portions of this museum’s journey began long ago, The Sue and Frank Mayborn Natural Science and Cultural History Museum Complex at Baylor University only opened in 2004. Wow, that may seem pretty young for a museum the stories and facts it possesses are not. Dating as far back as the 1850s, the professors at Baylor University were cultivating teaching materials to help students understand physics, biology, chemistry, and geology. The original campus served as a Texas education hub until it was relocated to Waco in 1886. This era saw the need and importance of storing and collecting information and tangible objects to allow students and others to learn, allowing us to learn from it today.

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Exhibits to Explore at the Mayborn Museum

  • Natural and Cultural History Exhibits

This section of exhibits is full of wonder and impressive discoveries. There is so much to see, from beloved artifacts to cretaceous discoveries and great mammoths to historical ways of life. 

  • Historic Village

Travel back in time! Take a glimpse into the past by viewing 9 historical wood-framed structures that show how an 1890s community would have functioned.  

  • Jeanes Discovery Center

Not all Mayborn Museum exhibits are for only looking and no play. This Waco play area is full of hands-on opportunities for little ones to enjoy and connect with others. They can explore their imagination with role-playing by putting on plays, going fishing in the Brazos River, and having grocery shopping fun. 

Something Special

Mayborn has a special exhibit that may not be what you would expect in a Museum. Offering more than just your average history lesson, they have an exhibit dedicated to DC superheroes! That’s right! Grab your capes and crime-fighting gear, so you and your family can dive into a world of imagination and justice filled with action-packed fun. Their eyes will light up as they discover their superpowers, solve crimes, and more as they learn all about their favorite DC heroes.  

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Mayborn Museum

Life is too short to be busy, and time with family is precious. Take time from your busy routine and become explorers or budding historians for a day. At Mayborn Museum in Waco, you can foster a love for learning and Texas history while connecting as a family. Also, you can plan your visit ahead of time on their website.

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