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Do you have a little one who loves outer space? Or looking for a new adventure to explore with the whole family? Mayborn Science Theater is the perfect place to make a new discovery! Located on the campus of Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas, it’s part planetarium and part state-of-the-art entertainment experience that everyone will enjoy! If you haven’t already visited them, schedule one soon; it’s the perfect air-conditioned activity for a hot Texas afternoon! 

About the Mayborn Science Theater 

Mayborn Science Theater opened in August 2003. In the twenty years since, it has hosted thousands of visitors for its planetarium star and laser light shows! They’ve recently received a million-dollar full-scale digital full-dome display upgrade, meaning they have so many more opportunities for family entertainment

A trip to Mayborn Science Theater is a unique and artistic blend of light, color, and sound with eye-popping 3D graphics, pure laser-generated colors, and 15,000 watts of sound for bumping music. Their screen is more than twice as large as traditional movie screens, so while it’s an entertaining activity in front of a screen, it’s not just a regular movie night!  

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So, what exactly is a planetarium? Mayborn’s website states it’s “a type of theater that re-creates the night sky as seen from Earth.” Whereas in regular movie theaters, the audience sits in front of the screen, in a planetarium, you sit beneath a hemispherical dome in almost complete darkness, giving you an unparalleled view of the stars that you may not otherwise get to see, what with light pollution and other natural factors. Plus, a planetarium lets you see the sky from any point on Earth and any day and point in time, so you can recreate the night sky as it was on any given night.

The Mayborn Science Theater is unique in that its state-of-the-art technology allows them to offer programs beyond the recreation of the night sky. Now, they can project enormous images in high definition. Sitting beneath the impressive domed screen, you’ll have to turn your head to take in the entire experience, almost like viewing a movie as large as the sky! 

But suppose it is the night sky you’re interested in. In that case, their system can project the most accurate and comprehensive astronomical database on the planet, meaning you’re not limited to the night sky – now you can include the Milky Way galaxy and the entire known universe! 

Another feature they offer is their laser music shows that combine entertaining light spectacles with the latest hit music. It makes for a great night out, lying under the “stars” and having a dance party in your seats while the music rages!

The Mayborn Science Theater has over 100 different titles in its database, so there is always something new to watch. It’s likely you’ll find your favorites, too, and want to revisit so you can watch them again and again! 

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Once your child has a taste for exploring the universe, it may behoove you to get a Mayborn Science Theater membership. With a membership, you and your family will get unlimited free admission to all scheduled shows, so you can take in as much of the Mayborn as you please! It’s educational, fun, and entertaining. Your membership helps keep the Mayborn Science Theater a success so they can continue bringing in new shows for our community to enjoy! 

Plus, you’ll get special prices for events and discounted admission to science centers across the United States! Membership is also a great gift for friends and family who may also love exploring the universe! 

If you have a Mayborn Science Center superfan in the family, or even if you’re just looking for a unique place to host a party, they are happy to host your celebration. Bring in cake, ice cream, snacks, and any decorations, and they’ll provide a designated party space for an hour! 

Take in a scheduled show or two with your favorite friends and family, and they’ll make it extra special by playing a special birthday song and displaying a birthday message on the screen before your show begins! 

Mayborn Science Theater

Mayborn Science Theater is a fun activity for the entire family and a way to make memories while exploring the magic and mystery of the universe – and the science behind it! Whether you wind up a member or simply drop in for a show occasionally, take advantage of this awesome opportunity in our community. The sky’s the limit! 

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