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Are you considering homeschooling, a Waco Homeschool Co-op, or have you already started this new endeavor but feel like it’s lacking something? Homeschooling isn’t an easy choice, especially with so many old wives’ tales and stigmas about kids who homeschool suffer socially, are behind in their education, or miss out on certain luxuries in public school. Will you have time, or maybe you’re not the best at math? It can make taking the plunge to homeschool harder or make you feel like you’re not doing enough to help them do well later in life. That’s not uncommon and is entirely understandable, BUT it’s not true!

Many kids do well in homeschooling, have no problem with their social development, and go on to college! The homeschool community has more support than ever with resources, get-togethers, and tools like a Waco Homeschool Co-op to help you and your family succeed in this new chapter in your child’s education! While there are many great options to support your current curriculum, I’ve rounded up some of the more popular and reliable co-ops to help make your search easier so you can focus on your child’s education and the joy they have exploring it.

3 Homeschool Co-Ops in Waco

Brazos Valley Co-Op

This Christian organization has been helping Texas homeschoolers for over 25 years! They offer a variety of classes and activities for homeschoolers, including art, music, science, math, and language arts. Experienced instructors teach these classes to complement the homeschool program and methods you already have in place. They offer more than just classes; they also organize field trips, social events, and other activities for homeschooling families to meet and connect with other families in the area! Their co-op even maintains a lending library of educational materials and curriculum resources. It hosts workshops and seminars on various homeschooling topics! Brazos Valley’s classes benefit their students’ education and help them thrive. With classes including Math, English, Science, health, and foreign languages, your kid won’t miss a needed class or luxury. Whether you sign up for one or all, they can’t wait to help enrich your child’s education.

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Faith-Family-Friends, F3 is a low-budget Co-op that encourages others to use their God-given gifts to support one another in their homeschooling calling. This Co-op believes in teaching by using teamwork in a biblical method that the body of Christ should bless others with their talents and gifts to make this program work at a lower cost. If you like being part of your child’s education, this Co-op is designed for you because parents must stay to teach or help. So you get to help without feeling like you’re hovering! They offer a variety of classes to keep your child engaged. These classes include standard math and science and extras like poetry, tea time, sign language, and more!


Alpha Omega

This homeschool co-op provides support and resources for families who educate at home. A group of volunteer parents operates this co-op. They work together to organize classes, field trips, and social events. They offer classes for core subjects like math, science, and language arts. Additionally, they offer elective courses such as music, art, and foreign language for kindergarten to 12th-grade students. Alpha Omega ensures fun by offering a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, drama productions, and community service projects! The co-op aims to provide a supportive community for homeschooling families. Alpha Omega helps students develop academically, socially, and spiritually without skipping a beat. You can see more about their faith statement, classes, and enrollment information on their website.

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Waco Homeschool Co-Op

Don’t let fear, worry, or old wives’ tales destroy the fun new journey ahead of you. Homeschool doesn’t have to be only at home; you certainly don’t have to do it alone! When you use one of these fantastic Waco Homeschool Co-Op options to compliment your curriculum, you’re getting so much more than classes. You’re creating your own school community and giving your child opportunities. That’s what you call a well-rounded win!

Choosing to homeschool your children doesn’t have to be scary with resources and teams like these. But now it is time to find a photographer to capture your family’s love and joy. So check out the blog links below for more work from my portfolio and other helpful Waco family tips. Let’s chat today about your dream photo session!

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