Things To Do In Waco TX With Toddlers Come Rain or Come Shine

A toddler celebrates his first birthday while sitting in a wooden box wearing a plaid sweater and knit beanie in front of a snowy mountain background things to do in waco tx with toddlers

Keeping kids entertained can be challenging. Especially with all their youthful energy. Which I’m pretty sure they steal from us parents. All that fun and go-go-go energy has to go somewhere! But let’s face it, while kids do well with repetitive routines, visiting the same park can get boring, even for you! Not to mention the weather is not always our friend. Whether it’s the Texas heat trying to cook you, or the rain we needed all year showing up in one day, the weather can damper your playtime. This could mean a frustrated toddler with energy to burn and a burnt-out mama. Don’t lose hope! There are still plenty of things to do in Waco, TX with toddlers, rain or shine! I’ve rounded up some indoor options to spice up your outings and play dates so you can keep the fun high and the bedtimes, hopefully, on time.

4 Things To Do In Waco, TX With Toddlers For A Family-Fun Outing

Little Sprouts Playland

Perfect for little ones up to age 10, Little Sprouts Playland has a variety of fun and engaging play structures, including slides, climbing walls, tunnels, and ball pits! Little ones can safely play and explore their soft and sensory play areas and build developmental skills without knowing it. 

With Wi-Fi access, a café serving snacks and drinks, and plenty of seating for parents and caregivers, Little Sprouts Playland is the perfect place for families to spend time together without a dull moment. They also have great options for hosting birthday parties and private events, so when your child falls in love with their experience, it doubles as a gift for their upcoming birthday! 

Temple Children’s Museum

While many museums are hands-off, that’s not the case here! With hands-on learning and interactive play, Temple Children’s Museum is on a mission to spark curiosity in the families of their community. Their museum is a welcoming environment that is clean, safe, and staffed with caring employees. 

Like a regular museum, their hands-on exhibits change, making each visit exciting and new. Designed for children 0-8 years old, your child will love to explore their imagination, and playtime features many ways to learn and connect with a smile on their face. Visit them online and start planning your memory-making trip to this fun and child-minded museum.

A toddler wearing blue denim overalls smashes his birthday cake in a mountain scene things to do in waco tx with toddlers

Little Land

This socks-only children’s play center provides children up to 6 years old the fun opportunity to play with purpose. From ball pits and climbing walls to tunnels, slides, and foam blocks, there are plenty of activities for little ones to develop skills, interact with others and get out plenty of youth-filled energy! 

In addition to its fun and engaging playground, Little Land also has a variety of enrichment classes, such as music and movement, as well as art and sensory play. They even organize birthday parties, summer camps, and workshops! Kids love the engaging activities and fun environment just to be a kid. Plan the perfect playdate, just get out of the house, or throw a party at this lovely facility. You will surely find endless opportunities for fun.

Luv 2 Play

Grab your socks and head to the socks-only play area for kids up to 12 years old! With plenty of play spaces, kids can explore the two-level playground, complete with slides, tunnels, crawling tubes, mazes, and so much more. 

To keep kids safe, they offer separate spaces for toddlers and babies. These spaces provide lots of development and sensory-enriching fun in soft play areas. They also have redemption games, a café with a variety of tasty treats, and a party area for celebrating your child! Luv 2 Play is easily a family go-to for a fun day of excitement and play!

Things To Do In Waco, TX With Toddlers

Being bored for a kid is like rain on a parade, no fun! When it comes to finding things to do in Waco, TX with toddlers, fun is the name of the game. If you can find something that gives them play freedom and it’s out of the elements, you’re winning! Kids learn, develop skills and make memories while they are playing. Plus, all that playtime can help get out all those wiggles! Be the hero of boredom and take back playdates with these fun and exciting options! 

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