Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas for an Exciting Sightseeing Day!

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Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas, is the perfect place to spend the day observing some of the most unique animals on our planet! The zoo is home to over 1700 animals, from tiny amphibians to enormous elephants. You even have the opportunity to see animals from the farthest reaches of the world! Read on to learn more about this unique Waco zoo in our backyard!

About Cameron Park Zoo

Cameron Park Zoo began in the 1950s as a small collection of Waco-native animals collected and cared for by a group of local wildlife enthusiasts. It opened at its Cameron Park location in 1993 and has been growing and adding exciting new exhibits ever since! Now it is home to over 1700 animals that are lovingly cared for by trained zookeepers and veterinarians. The Cameron Park Zoo has become a wonderful place to learn, explore, and adventure, with fun and entertainment for people of all ages. It is the second largest tourist attraction for Waco. It thrives partly thanks to its unique partnership with the Cameron Park Zoological and Botanical Society. They dedicate themselves to raising funds to provide a wonderful life for all 300 species.

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What is there to do?

Cameron Park Zoo has a variety of beautiful exhibits that are home to some of the world’s most exotic creatures. In their African Savannah, you can admire giraffes, elephants, and rhinoceros, as well as lions and meerkats! The Asian forest hosts Sumatran Tigers, orangutans, and Komodo Dragons. The Brazos River Country exhibit takes Cameron Park Zoo back to its origins with various Texas-native animals like American Black Bears, Cougars, and Jaguars – oh my!

Reptile fanatics will enjoy watching Galapagos Tortoises and wandering the Herpetarium to observe many other amphibians and reptiles! But if cute and cuddly is more your thing, you may enjoy hanging out with ring-tailed lemurs on Lemur Island. You can choose to spend the day at the zoo or purchase a membership package that helps to support the animals. 

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Cameron Park Zoo offers a variety of special events to entertain you and your family! A large part of their mission is to educate Waco citizens about zoo animals and how we can continue conservation efforts to protect them. Their activities and events center around giving guests up-close experiences. As a result, they introduce guests to some of their favorite furry, feathered, and scaly friends. The Zoo Snooze is an overnight stay at the zoo, complete with dinner, a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo, and an animal presentation! However, you must bring your own tent and sleeping bag. Wild Nights is an evening experience led by an education team member. The guide lead your through a behind-the-scenes tour, an animal presentation with animal ambassadors, and an adventurous scavenger hunt! Camps and classes are great opportunities for young people to engage with zoo animals. Here, they can learn about their natural habitats and environments. Also, they offer options to book your events like birthday parties, reunions, and even weddings! 

Cameron Park Zoo

Undeniably, the Cameron Park Zoo is a wonderful place to learn, explore, and adventure, with fun and entertainment for people of all ages. Your ticket helps contribute to the preservation and growth of the Cameron Park Zoo. As a result, Waco can continue to treasure these animals in our community for generations to come!

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